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Aladdin Powered floor LED light(4 Pack)
Aladdin Powered floor LED light(4 Pack)
Aladdin Powered floor LED light(4 Pack)

Aladdin Powered floor LED light(4 Pack)

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  •   Enhance your garden by day and add mains-free light at night.
  •   No need to dig up your garden to lay expensive mains cable.
  •  Can be installed in seconds and moved around with ease.
  •  Can be spiked into lawns or screwed into decking.
  •   Up to 8 hours operation once fully charged.
  •   On / Off switch to override automatic function.
  •   Works in winter and waterproof design.
  •   No operating costs.

How to use the Solar Light

There is an “on-off” switch underneath the battery case.Push the switch to the “on” position and position the light in a sunny location.

If the light does not turn on automatically after a 6 hours charge,please check the following:

1.      Check the battery to ensure it is making correct contact with the terminals.

2.      Check that the light is placed in a sunny location and that the solar panel faces to the sun.

Choosing the Right Location

An outdoor location with direct sunshine and where the solar panel of your light can received at least 6 hours of sunshine each day is an ideal location for solar light.Shady locations will influence the battery  charge and may shorten the working time of the light at night time.The solar light should not be place near lighting such as street lights,which may cause the light to turn off as there is a sensor inside to feel brightness and control the light working.

The solar light is ideal for night the time lighting of the garden,lawn,patio walks or wherever needed.You can also charge the light outdoors the use as indoor illumination.



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