Aladdin Inflatable Pool

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It's time to relax! Spend holidays and nice family weekends with pool parties!

Oops! You have no pool. Not a big deal! Check our best Aladdin inflatable pool review and add a piece of pleasure to your garden or backyard


A fabulous Aladdin Inflatable Pool is designed for entertainment and amusement of children over 2 years old. When fully inflated, its dimensions are 53"х76"x117", including the height of a decorative rainbow. Spectacular Rainbow Ring inflatable pool is compact enough to fit your lawn and large enough for 2-3 kids to play. On hot sunny days, it will bring lots of fun and pleasure to your toddler boys and girls attracting all neighbor kids like a magnet.


This really miraculous inflatable pool will become a home water park for your little ones. It includes a wading pool for the babies and a bigger pool for older kids connected by a water slide. Similar to the other models, this Aladdin inflatable pool boasts an attractive and outstanding design. Vibrant blue pools, a scarlet red water slide, and a bright multi-color rainbow will amuse and draw the attention of your children. Besides, the Aladdin play center is made of Eco-friendly, durable and light PVC. It is a non-hazardous material, providing no negative impact on human health that is highly important for kids' products.


A distinctive feature of this model is a dual pool design. It offers a dozen alternatives for different entertainments. Your tots will love sliding from one pool to another and splashing under rainbow water sprayer easily connected to a garden hose. This fabulous Aladdin inflatable pool comes with balls and rings to play ball roller and ring toss games. Besides, the bigger pool features inflatable borders for additional kids' protection. Hence, its versatility and safety make this model an ultimate solution for every family with small kids of a different age. It will become a spotlight of every kid's party and a home play center for everyday fun during summer holidays.